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Overall rating

4.4 / 5

based on 71 980 reviews

It was a 6-hours' tour, the guide was really friendly, spent an extra 30 min with us, and we skipped the lines to the Dodges' palace and San-Marco's basilica. But the walking tour could have been more extensive and informative. Yes, we've seen several spots which we wouldn't find or know of without the guide. But I had an impression that we've seen only a small historical part of the city, and could have seen more in 2,5 hours. And the guide did tell some facts. But since her English was not that fluent, I don't have a complete story in my mind about Venice and the history of the city. The timing was impeccable, though, everything was on time, and we had 45 minutes for a quick lunch. In terms of logistics it's probably more convenient than booking separate tours to those landmarks. And I'd recommend some homework reading before going to this tour.

A great event! very atmospheric place, real palazzo, with all the decorations. Unfortunately, they have changed the performance that evening without notice in advance. They played Traviata instead of "The barber of Seville" I was hoping to hear. "That was a bit disappointing. But in the end, Traviata was also good, great singers & musitians (they had piano, violin and cello). And it's a very exciting feeling, when a singer performs 2 meters from you. It's like an immersive format. I expected that they will just sing without any performance, but they have even changed the settings (rooms) 3 times. And they have treated us with a glass of prosecco, which is nice. So - it's one of the most extraordinary and positive theater experiences I've had.

The sound on the boat was very poor. So it was difficult to hear the guide's words. And the guide wasn't really doing a tour, just giving small comments now and then. we had about 45 minutes on each island, which in case of Murano & Burano is not enough. So in this particular case I'd recommend taking a vaporetto (water bus) regular line to each island, and read the story in a guidebook.

Кассу для обмена ваучера в АП нашел с трудом - может, языками владею плохо. Получил 4 билетика. Музей, транспорт и Transfer отработали без нареканий. Зачем нужен Chorus Pass, я так и не понял - половину заявленных храмов я на карте вообще не нашел, а в тех 6-7(не только из списка), в которые заходил, никто от меня ничего не требовал. Удобно - да. По деньгам - выгоды особой не заметил.

It happened to be an individual degustation, just for 2 of us, thus very cosy and intimate. The host was quite friendly, but the presentation wasn't very detailed. we've tried 4 types of prosecco, quite good