Trails by Qula

Контактная информация

По вопросам о месте встречи или сбора, за подробностями о мероприятии или с особыми пожеланиями обращайтесь к организатору мероприятия.


Ответы на все остальные вопросы ищите в нашем справочном центре.

Об организаторе мероприятий

Pub Trails are an exciting combination of a pub crawl and a scavenger hunt All-in-one! It’s an interactive and fun game for a group of players. Use GPS to find the most interesting pubs and hot spots in the city. There you do fun assignments. But also in the open air in the city centre you compete against each other by doing funny and crazy assignments. The Pub Trail is played on an app on your phone. You and your friends battle against each other. The winner is guaranteed to win a very nice prize.

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