Strawberry Field

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In 2019, the famous Strawberry Field red gates – outside which thousands of people journey every year to have their photo taken – will open for the first time to visitors. Strawberry Field is set to become a unique and authentic visitor experience. The site had a significant influence on John Lennon’s childhood, being the inspiration for the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Next year, it will provide work experience for young adults with learning disabilities, enabling them to learn a trade and find meaningful employment. Strawberry Field will be a place of spiritual exploration and discovery, offering the chance to explore the woods and gardens where John played as a child. As a visitor attraction, Strawberry Field will include an authentic inter-active exhibition, complete with audio guide, exploring stories of the site’s history, John Lennon's childhood, the writing and recording of the song. Visits will include a tour of the garden and woods where John played as a child. A café will provide light refreshments as well as lunch and early dinner menus. A shop will stock an exciting and unique range of Strawberry Field merchandise.

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