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SEA LIFE Porto is an aquarium that has over 3000 fascinating creatures. At SEA LIFE Porto you can walk in the first underwater tunnel in the country and pass through 500 thousand litres of water. Our sharks are waiting for you! In our rockpools you can pick up a sea urchin and touch a starfish. For the kids we have a fantastic quiz about the underwater world with various tips spread throughout the center and awesome curiosities to discover! SEA LIFE Porto houses the biggest collection of Cow-faced Rays in the country and a huge collection of peculiar animals that urge us to pay a very attentive look. Animals like our Eagle rays, the Clown Triggerfish, the Longhorn Cow Fish, our Pipefish or our very pretty green turtle Mariza! At SEA LIFE Porto you can watch our informative and educational talks and feedings without any extra cost, throughout the day. In our Ocean SOS area you can learn more about the dangers that the marine world faces and you can learn what you can do to be an active voice in its preservation! Our cafeteria has many delicious and colorful menus and has a great balcony that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with front row seats. SEA LIFE Porto also has a playground that will delight the young kids!

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