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Overall rating

4.4 / 5

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It was a 6-hours' tour, the guide was really friendly, spent an extra 30 min with us, and we skipped the lines to the Dodges' palace and San-Marco's basilica. But the walking tour could have been more extensive and informative. Yes, we've seen several spots which we wouldn't find or know of without the guide. But I had an impression that we've seen only a small historical part of the city, and could have seen more in 2,5 hours. And the guide did tell some facts. But since her English was not that fluent, I don't have a complete story in my mind about Venice and the history of the city. The timing was impeccable, though, everything was on time, and we had 45 minutes for a quick lunch. In terms of logistics it's probably more convenient than booking separate tours to those landmarks. And I'd recommend some homework reading before going to this tour.

Великолепная экскурсия с отличным гидом. Рассказал и показал не особо публичные факты о капелле. Доволен очень! Рекомендую, ночью увидите всю красоту капеллы.

La guide était très compétente. Mais je ne conseille pas de le faire à 16 heures car les musées ferment a 17:30 du coup la visite est très en courant

На экскурсию я опаздывала (была задержка приезда). Сотрудники без всяких отговорок пошли на встречу и сразу присоединили меня к следующей группе.