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Killarney Jaunting Cars Ltd – Tangney Tours Ireland is a family run business and has operated for over 220 years within the family. We operate local tours of Killarney National Parklands & Lakes - we would like you to step back in time and experience Ireland's most traditional mode of transport - the horse & carriage/ Jaunting car. Our tours operate through areas where no motor traffic is permitted- offering a unique tour to your guests. Visitors are informed of the history, legends and folklore of the area while they are touring, and also adding a fun element to the tour with their Jarvey (driver of the carriage) sharing local jokes and banters. A popular group tour option is to combine your jaunting car tour with our lake cruise- this is a very enjoyable way to see Killarney National Parklands & Lakes. We offer a range of tour options to suit all, please visit our website to find out more!!

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