Jardines de Zoraya

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Jardines de Zoraya is a Flamenco tablao with restaurant in the heart of the Albaicin neighborhood in Granada. We offer live flamenco performances every night at 20:00 and 22:30 and saturdays and sundays also at 15:00 toguether with a choice of nice local gastronomy. The "cuadro flamenco" consists of a guitarist, a singer, two dancers and a percussionist lasting the show about an hour. We offer several options to attend our shows. Jardines de Zoraya has a beautiful garden terrace where we can accommodate up to 100 people seated. The terrace is cooled with water vapor fans on hot summer days and kept warm with outdoor heaters in winter. We are specialized in Mediterranean cuisine: Iberian pork in reduced Malaga wine sauce with caramelized onions, sea bass with pomegranate sauce, Spanish ham and sausages, homemade desserts, black chocolate fondant on a coulis of red berry and crème brûlée, among many others. The wine cellar has Riojas and Riberas del Duero in addition to wines of Granada as Mendez Moya or Pago de Almaraes. Flamenco is the result of a mixture of various cultures that left their mark on the south of the Iberian Peninsula. It is one of the most representative aspects of Andalusian folklore and is still very present in Andalucian daily life. Eversince ancient times guitars, singing and handclaps are sounds very much connected to Andalucia. In the old days people used to dance anywhere to the sound of a guitar and rhythmic handclaps or "palmas". The flamenco nights that we offer at Jardines de Zoraya are a wonderful opportunity to experience the pureness and duende of live flamenco, you will have the opportunity to see it all, from the Soleá to the Alegría, from Granada to the heart of the Albayzín.

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