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HISTORY AND MISSION Italy Destination Consulting Ltd. is a spin-off of Paltours, born in response to the growing need for integrated tourist services in our territory. Some very prestigious artistic-cultural and food and wine initiatives have given a significant boost to the demand for tailor-made quality services by global customers, who are increasingly interested in getting to know our territory. Over 40 years of Paltours experience, combined with the enthusiasm of the start-up, make Italy Destination Consulting srl one of the most experienced operators in Franciacorta and Lombardy. Our experience goes well beyond the borders of Franciacorta and embraces the entire Italy. The consolidated network of relationships with the entire chain of Italian hospitality and the direct knowledge of our country are the foundation of the expertise of Italy Destination Consulting srl. The marriage with Paltours, Travel and Tourism Agency since 1976, guarantees Italy Destination continuity in providing all types of tourist services, including the direct and immediate issue of national and international air tickets, thanks to the membership of IATA - International Air Transport Association. We know every corner of the 20 regions of Italy and we will be happy to create the perfect itinerary for you! WHY CHOOSE ITALY DESTINATION To take advantage of the combination of experiences and skills combined in Italy Destination: The forty years of experience of Paltours in organizing tailor-made trips and more; The experience and expertise of members in Wine Tourism and Event Management; To take advantage of the expertise and assistance of experienced staff on the territory; To have a single interlocutor for: the creation of your itinerary tailor-made according to your needs; the purchase of all the necessary services, thanks to the technical direction of Paltours; the direct and immediate purchase of airline tickets worldwide (IATA).

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