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4.1 / 5

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A great event! very atmospheric place, real palazzo, with all the decorations. Unfortunately, they have changed the performance that evening without notice in advance. They played Traviata instead of "The barber of Seville" I was hoping to hear. "That was a bit disappointing. But in the end, Traviata was also good, great singers & musitians (they had piano, violin and cello). And it's a very exciting feeling, when a singer performs 2 meters from you. It's like an immersive format. I expected that they will just sing without any performance, but they have even changed the settings (rooms) 3 times. And they have treated us with a glass of prosecco, which is nice. So - it's one of the most extraordinary and positive theater experiences I've had.

Отличная поездка на гондоле, все хорошо организовано. Было очень удобно и просто работать с приложением и делать заказ! Буду пользоваться в будущем обязательно!

Там будет длинная очередь,на месте встречи,но переживать не стоит.Всех рассадят)Главное придите минут за 15 до начала.

Чудесные гондолы и гондольеры, уверенно прокатил нас по красивейшим каналам Венеции. Поездка хорошо организована.