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Our company Go2chernobyl is one of the best known and popular in Ukraine. We serve more than 250 tourists a month and half of them are foreigners. We organize top tours because we care about our customers. Their good reviews are very important for us. Many of our clients recommend us to their friends and relatives. When we organize a tour our team does its best to satisfy clients. We have been working with the same experienced English speaking guides for many years so we can trust them. Our company solves all issues concerning transport support, accommodation and food in Chernobyl, permissive documents required in Chernobyl Zone and insurance. Safety of our clients during the tour is very important thus we provide tourists with protective outerwear suits if necessary. The trip itself is very interesting and unusual. Landscapes of Chernobyl are fascinating and daunting at the same time. We shall open the doors of mythic city for our clients. They will never forget it.

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