Epic things to do in Washington at night

From glowing monuments to spirited pub crawls, explore the top things to do in Washington at night.

As night falls, Washington unveils a blend of historical allure, vibrant culture, and a dash of mystery, making it a must-explore city after sundown.

Gaze up at the capital’s iconic monuments like the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, as they take on a new life under the moonlit sky. 

Revel in the city's thrilling nightlife with a walking tour along U Street, as it pulsates with jazz tunes that echo its rich African American heritage.

Investigate all sorts of spirits on a unique haunted pub crawl where history and mystery intertwine.

Find love with romantic activities like a moonlit stroll along the Potomac River or stargazing in Rock Creek Park.

Discover a whole new side to the US capital after dark with these top things to do in Washington at night.


1. Uncover the nocturnal charm of Washington with a double-decker bus tour

Bask in the captivating beauty of Washington under the stars atop an open-top double-decker bus. As the night unfolds, the cityscape transforms, shedding light on famed landmarks such as the Lincoln Memorial. The Washington DC: Big Bus Panoramic Night Tour offers a delightful blend of panoramic views and rich American history, making it one of the top things to do in Washington at night.

Hot tip:

Witness the grandeur of the Martin Luther King and FDR memorials against the backdrop of the tidal basin during the cherry blossom season.


2. Revel in the after-dark splendor of Washington on a bike

Pedal into the quiet allure of the night, traversing the lanes of Washington on a bike. When the city lights up, the monuments stand proud and crowd-free, creating a unique spectacle you shouldn't miss. The Washington DC Monuments by Night Bike Tour paints a vibrant picture of the city, transforming it into an illuminated canvas of history and magnificence.

Hot tip:

Opt for a leisurely stroll around the Washington and Lincoln memorials to fully embrace the tales of each and gain a more intimate connection with the city's rich past.


3. Immerse yourself in the twilight beauty of Washington on an open-top bus tour

As the sun dips below the horizon, Washington's main sites are enveloped in an enchanting ambiance. The Washington DC: National Mall Night Bus Tour presents the city's landmarks in their twilight glory, casting a mesmerizing spell. From the US Navy Memorial to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, every monument narrates a unique story under the twinkling stars.

Hot tip:

While the bus journey offers a captivating overview, hop off the bus to marvel at the intricacy and poignancy of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial sculpture.


4. Unravel the starlit tales of Washington on a guided night tour

Witness the city of Washington at its nighttime best, bathed in the serene glow of the stars. The Washington DC: Night Under the Stars Bus and Walking Tour escorts intrepid explorers through a dazzling journey from the Capitol to the White House and beyond. Each monument awakens to tell its story, making it one of the best things to do in Washington at night.

Hot tip:

Don't miss the light reflecting on the water by the monuments, a spectacle that creates magical photographs and even better memories.


5. Encounter Washington's eerie past on a haunted pub crawl

Venture into the historic pubs of Washington, where top officials, presidents, and even ghosts have frequented. The Washington DC: Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl offers a chance to share a drink with the past spirits and hear tales of intrigue, making it an exciting and spooky experience under the veil of the night.

Hot tip:

Enhance the experience by savoring a classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned or a Sidecar, adding an authentic flavor to the tales of a bygone era and making for even more enchanting memories.


6. Unearth Washington's wonders on a nocturnal van tour

Washington reveals a different kind of magic under cover of night. Enjoy an intimate journey through the city's most famous sites in a comfortable van, from the dignified US Capitol building and the White House to the solemn memorials dedicated to Lincoln, Jefferson, and war veterans. This Washington DC: Small-Group 3-Hour Night Tour offers an evening rich in discovery and historical insight.

Hot tip:

In front of the lit-up Capitol building, find the reflective pool that offers a unique mirrored view of the architectural marvel, perfect for a standout nighttime photograph.


7. Step back in time with a historic pub crawl

Combine local brews with compelling tales from the nation's past on this unique historic pub crawl tour. Learn about the capital's vibrant history, with stories ranging from George Washington's distillery exploits to the prohibition era and presidential parties at the White House. This Washington DC: History Tour Pub Crawl offers an enjoyable blend of history, humor, and craft beers.

Hot tip:

Ask the bartenders about the local beer specialties, as each pub has a unique brew that might become a new favorite.


8. Explore the illuminated National Mall at night

The capital's iconic sights take on a new level of grandeur under the glow of evening lights. During this 2.5-hour walking tour, witness the monuments dedicated to the nation's great leaders and warriors, their silhouettes proudly standing against the starry backdrop. The DC at Night: Historical Highlights of the National Mall tour is a picturesque evening stroll through American history.

Hot tip:

At the Korean War Veterans Memorial, find the mural wall. At night, the etched images of soldiers take on an ethereal glow, revealing intricate details and expressions.


9. Encounter the eerie past of Washington

Dive into the chilling side of the capital on a ghostly tour featuring haunted tales from the nation's past. As the city sleeps, walk the paths frequented by the specters of presidents and listen to eerie stories that will send shivers down the spine. With the Washington DC: Horror on the Hill Guided Tour, prepare for an evening where the city's historical specters come to life.

Hot tip:

Look closely at the friezes of the Supreme Court building during the tour, as their shadows often create eerie patterns, adding to the ghostly atmosphere.


10. Immerse yourself in U Street's vibrant nightlife

Experience the energy and cultural richness of U Street after sundown, when the vibrant African American jazz scene comes alive, offering a unique nocturnal exploration. Learn about Duke Ellington's ties to the area, known as 'Black Broadway,' and explore the many fascinating aspects of local culture. With the Washington DC: African American Heritage Walking Tour, an unforgettable evening of music, heritage, and culinary delights awaits.

Hot tip:

Check out the local jazz clubs after the tour, as many often host impromptu performances, providing an authentic taste of the U Street music scene.


What are some of the top nighttime attractions in Washington?

The top nighttime attractions in Washington include the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, the White House, and the National Mall, all beautifully illuminated under the night sky.

What are the best areas for a nighttime stroll in Washington?

The best areas for a nighttime stroll in Washington are the Tidal Basin area, Georgetown's waterfront, and the bustling U Street Corridor, known for its vibrant nightlife.

What are the most popular night tours in Washington?

The most popular night tours in Washington are the Washington DC: Small-Group 3-Hour Night Tour which includes a visit to major monuments, and the Horror on the Hill Guided Tour for a spooky adventure.

What are some fun activities to do with kids in Washington at night?

A nighttime visit to the Smithsonian National Zoo, an evening at the National Children's Museum, or a stargazing experience at Rock Creek Park are fun activities to do with kids in Washington at night.

What are the best spots for a romantic night out in Washington?

For a romantic night out in Washington, consider a moonlit stroll along the Potomac Riverfront, a romantic dinner in Georgetown, or a night at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.