Seville in summer: best things to do and see

Whether you like the heat or prefer to keep it cool, this guide to Seville in summer will help you make the most of this sizzling Spanish city.

Temperatures really soar in Seville in summer, so planning carefully is must. Some of the best places to visit might be too hot to see during the day, but thankfully the city really comes alive at night. In the heat of the afternoon, you can keep your cool by staying indoors in an art museum, or embrace local customs and take a soothing siesta.

This guide to summer activities in Seville will help you beat the heat, with boat trips, kayaking adventures, and watersports.

Best outdoor activities


1. Escape the city with a trip back in time to Itálica

Get out of the city heat and visit Itálica, once a mighty Roman settlement. Two emperors were born here, and today you can see stunning mosaics and one of the largest Roman amphitheaters ever built. It's a great place to go for a day trip.


Don't be surprised if the Roman ruins seem familiar; they were used as a set in Game of Thrones.

Address and opening hours:

Avenida Extremadura 2, 41970 Santiponce, Seville. Open Tuesday-Sunday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM.


2. Ride the rollercoasters at Isla Mágica

The Isla Mágica amusement park has something for the whole family, from gentle carousels to hair-raising rollercoasters. Will you dare to ride the Jaguar with its five inversions, or would you prefer to sit back and watch the horse riding shows?


A water park, Agua Mágica, forms part of the complex. It has water slides and wave pools to help you cool off on a hot day.

Address and opening hours:

Pabellón de España 41092 Seville. Open daily 11:00 AM-11:00 PM.


3. Go horseback riding on the beach at Doñana National Park

If the city heat starts to get too intense, escape to the country. Due to its lush wetlands and windswept sandy beaches, Doñana National Park may be the most beautiful place in Andalusia. You can saddle up and canter along the beach for some epic fun in the sun.


There are plenty of interesting stops on the Huelva coast — don't miss the charming traditional village of El Rocío.

Address and opening hours:

Almonte, Huelva. Open daily 9:00 AM-1:00 AM.


4. Play with the monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is perfect for a summer day trip from Seville. This tiny British colony occupies a small, rocky outcrop on Spain's south coast. It's home to a unique blend of Spanish and British culture, and the people speak Llanito, a dialect that mixes the two languages. For most visitors, the major attraction is the monkey colony, and in summer, the breeze.


Taditional English fish and chips is a must..



Best water activities


5. Go paddleboarding on the River Guadalquivir

 Let's get real: if you're visiting Seville in summer, you can't do too much sightseeing by day. Wait until the sun goes down and the temperatures start to drop, then join a sunset paddleboarding tour. It's a great way to get the best views in town with the added bonus of the breeze on the water.


You'll see some of Seville's best landmarks, like the Triana Bridge and the Torre del Oro.

Meeting point:

Calle Betis 14, 41010 Seville. Start time: 9:00 PM.


6. Cruise down the river on a self-guided kayak tour

Strike out by kayak and make your own itinerary. It’s easy to visit the city’s main sights, like the Torre del Oro, the Triana neighborhood, the Isabel II bridge, or the San Telmo bridge, and get a different perspective from the water. Where will your paddling take you?


The river breeze will help you cool off. In summer, it's best to rent your kayak early in the morning or in the evening.

Meeting point:

Calle Radio Sevilla, 41001 Seville. Start times vary.


7. Learn a brand new watersport on the Guadalquivir

In recent years, paddle surfing has become one of the hottest sports around. You'll need a good sense of balance, but it's easier than regular surfing. On calm water, you can paddle surf for hours, gently propelling yourself along.


Take a two-hour paddle surfing class to learn this fun sport. The slow-moving waters of the Guadalquivir are the ideal place to pick up the basics of paddle surfing.

Meeting point:

Puente del Cristo de la Expiración, 41001 Seville. Start times vary.


8. Take a dip at an inland beach

Andalusia is known for its beautiful beaches, but for something a little different, head to San Nicolás del Puerto. It's about 60 miles from Seville and has a sandy river beach. The calm waters are ideal for a swim. Splash around in the River Galindón or chill out with a cocktail at the beach bar.


To extend your adventure, follow a hiking trail along the river. A short distance from the town, you'll find a natural pool formed by a dramatic waterfall.


San Nicolás del Puerto, Seville.


Where can I go swimming or relax by the water in Seville?

The nearest place to swim in nature is San Nicolás del Puerto, in Seville province. You could also go on a day trip to a beach destination like Cádiz or Doñana National Park in the province of Huelva.

Are there any great summer festivals in Seville?

Not really. The extreme heat means you'll need to head to the coast to enjoy a festival. Some of the most popular include Andalucia Big Festival in Málaga and Dreambeach in Villaricos.

What are the must-visit outdoor attractions in Seville?

The River Guadalquivir is the city's lifeblood, but it's not the only great outdoor attraction. Plaza de España and María Luisa Park are both lovely.

What are some great day trips to take from Seville in the summer?

Sevillanos like to head for the coast to destinations like Cádiz, Huelva, or Gibraltar. You can also visit the province of Málaga, whose dramatic gorges are great for hiking.

What are some fun activities with kids in Seville in summer?

Try paddle surfing or kayaking on the River Guadalquivir. You'll also find horse riding excursions that are ideal for animal-loving kids.