Sail, hike, and taste through Seattle with Veronika


Veronika Patrashko

Seattle-based with Ukrainian roots, photographer and content creator Veronika has a deep love for the outdoors and a commitment to inspiring others to discover the beauty of travel through her photos.

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In Seattle, it’s the simple things that get me every time. The way the sun greets the day, shining over the mountains. Catching the salty sea breeze from a ferry deck or the buzz of the city below from a cozy rooftop. The local coffee shops, each with its own personality and brew, and foods from all over the world add to Seattle’s down-to-earth vibe. And you can’t beat the music scene — whether it’s a grungy live band in a basement bar or a smooth jazz drifting out of a café, it’s all Seattle. And that’s what makes this place home.

Veronika’s favorite Seattle experiences

1. Sailing across Puget Sound

2. Hiking on Mount Rainier

3. Eating around Pike Place Market

4. Cooking at Diane’s Market Kitchen

5. Taking a tall ship out on the harbor

6. Spending a day exploring Olympic National Park

7. Going on an adventure through the Cascades