Бодбийский монастырь Святой Нины

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Бодбийский монастырь Святой Нины: хотите узнать, чем можно заняться в этом месте? Полный список по ссылке.

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Итоговая оценка

4.8 / 5

Количество отзывов: 356

(I liked everything, there are five stars everywhere): In the Russian-speaking group, I was alone, so it turned out that I have a personal guide and photographer (thanks to Mariam). The first stop after about an hour in the roadside village, there we were treated with freshly baked shochi bread, cheese, churchkhela, and wine (if you eat a little, then it can be counted for breakfast). Coming to Bodbe, already visible Alazani valley. It's just magic! Along the horizon there is a flat snowy mountain range, from this view it is impossible to break... In Sighnaghi we made an order in a panoramic restaurant and went for a walk around the city. Payment for food only in cash, but if that - money can be withdrawn at the ATM TBC opposite the monument to the deceased soldiers. Then at the factory Kindzmarauli after the tour was a tasting of four wines. On the territory there is a coffee with ice cream, poured sweet wine - it is delicious!

A great tour with the best guide Catherine who managed to create a team spirit for the whole group so it felt like traveling with friends rather than just some strangers!

очень красочный тур. лучшее событие в моей жизни за год. гид Нико наилучший собеседник, опытный компаньон, креативный опытный the best.

Нам очень понравился наш гид. Тур был смесью истории и винных туров, хотя было бы неплохо еще вина.

Тур прошел отлично. Гид был профессионалом и своими рассказами сделал все это намного лучше.