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Welcome to Blue Boat Company - Gray Line Amsterdam! Amsterdam is most beautiful from the water and Blue Boat Company is eager to share the splendor and beauty of the country’s capital with everyone. We do not distinguish between everyone’s background and constitution. Part of our fleet is wheelchair accessible so that disabled visitors can also discover Amsterdam with a canal boat. We want our guests to experience the city through a number of creative and high-quality canal cruise products in which the concepts of fun, experience and quality are central. When you step on board one of our boats, you are choosing a family business with a deep-rooted love for the city of Amsterdam. That’s why we want to show you the most beautiful places in Amsterdam, such as the canal belt, the Skinny bridge and the new architectural delights along the IJ. During our canal tours in Amsterdam you can use our Personal Audio System for free and listen to the audio commentary, available in 21 languages.

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