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4.3 / 5

Количество отзывов: 3 322

Much depends on the guide. We were incredibly lucky and our guide was Aamerr Abbas. It was interesting, reliable and calm with him. You can not think about anything all this time and just have fun: Aamerr took a lot of beautiful photographs, said how best to get up, and planned everything. Aamerr is a very professional driver. The excursion itself was excellent, everything was thought out to the smallest detail. The organizers did their best. First, I went with my mother, the next day I presented the trip to my sister and her husband and asked the organizers to travel with this guide. Everyone is delighted. The places are very beautiful, the food is delicious, the shows are amazing.

Мохамед просто офигенный экскурсовод! Я обычно не оставляю отзывы, но тут никак не могу пройти мимо. Я получила колоссальное удовольствие, увидела Дубай совсем с другой стороны, узнала очень много нового и задумалась о том, что бы переехать жить в Дубай очень советую этот тур! Это был один из лучших дней в Дубаи! СПРАШИВАЙТЕ ВОПРОСЫ! Это ваш шанс узнать об Эмиратах! Thanks a lot for answering all of my questions. The tour was absolutely fantastic - one of the best experiences I have had in Dubai. Highly recommended THANK YOU!!!

I think it was one of the best tours I’ve ever had. Mohamed is an intelligent persoon who can make you fall in love with Arabic culture. I learned so much about the culture, it totally changed my view of the country. I really enjoyed the tour! Excellent! Definitely recommend!:)

Muy interesante!! Recomiendo a toda la gente. Mahmoud es una persona muy amable y sabe mucho sobre la ciudad!!

Jet ski was perfect, good And powerful jets, good guide Sako And nice photos! Thank You very much!