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Однодневные туры, Белград: все самое популярное

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Белград: хотите узнать, чем можно заняться в этом месте? Полный список по ссылке.

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Overall rating

4.8 / 5

based on 273 reviews

Traveled in December 2020. I booked a group tour, but since it was low season for tourism, the group did not get together. I was offered to go alone for an additional 50% of the cost. My guide Mihajlo was kind and told me a lot of interesting facts about life in Serbia. He also treated me to a traditional meal. Thank you for a great trip, everything was perfect.

The excursion was great. Got acquainted with main sites of Belgrade. Thanks to our guide Stefan. Also I am grateful to my groupmates for wonderful and sincere communicatuon.

Amazing tour, unique. I was especially impressed by Drvengrad and Sargan 8. The sites are picturesque. Our guide Darco told a lot of interesting stories.