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Автобусы и минивэны

Автобусы и минивэны, Тбилиси: все самое популярное

Автобусы и минивэны, Тбилиси: часто задаваемые вопросы

Автобусы и минивэны, Тбилиси: чем здесь еще стоит заняться?

Тбилиси: другие достопримечательности

Тбилиси: хотите узнать, чем можно заняться в этом месте? Полный список по ссылке.

Тбилиси: мнения других путешественников

Итоговая оценка

4.7 / 5

Количество отзывов: 539

We really enjoyed this tour. Despite it being a pretty long one we liked every part of it. Even though Vardzia was the main reason for us to go on this tour, Rabati castle and Borjomi were great additions. Vardzia itself was breathtaking. Lunch place had nice food and incredible views. Our guide Shota was one of the nicest people. He cared for each and every one of us and cheered us along the way. He told all the interesting historical facts about the places we visited and about Georgia in general. There was a minor setback at the lunch restaurant - lights went off for a while which delayed our trip a bit but that did not bother us one bit. Shota took care of the situation very professionally. Highly recommend both the tour and the guide. :)

После этой экскурсии остались только положительные эмоции! Невероятная природа, очень вкусная еда и вина, и конечно же потрясающий гид!

The tour lasts 14-16 hours, but it's definitely worth it! The cave and the canyons are just amazing. Thanks to all the team!

WOW experience! Georgian mountains are a real natural marvel. The organization and the team are also amazing. Thanks a lot!

Nice and very well-organized tour to taste different types of Georgian wine and get to know its history. 100% recommended.